Buying a property in Kefalonia

If you would like to acquire a property on the island of Kefalonia, now is the right time. Buying a low-priced plot now, it is certain that it will prove to be a profitable investment in the near future.

In recent years, with the ongoing economic crisis and intense competition from other Mediterranean countries, land prices and property prices in general, have fallen greatly. So the opportunities to become landowners and / or a a happy holiday home owner may be closer than ever. Due to the oversupply of land on the islands, as well as in mainland Greece, it is advisable to keep being informed on ​​real estate opportunities.

As in all Greece, so in Kefalonia, an informed buyer will find cheap areas to buy a low-priced plot of land or a country house. In the case of holiday homes, interested buyers can now buy at low prices an old house, that they could cheaply renovate.

So, for example, in Kefalonia one can find cheap plots and build the house of his/her dreams. We in our company, ENOS PROPERTIES, with our experienced associates, we will help you build your home with your own specifications. Our constructions, made of concrete or wood, are distinguished by high quality and for the perfect aesthetic result.

The prospects for the coming years, are very encouraging. Relevant studies show that Europeans will have a keen interest in Greece. Our country along with the other countries of the European South will accept more and more northern Europeans. It is certain that northern Europeans will want to buy a property, even close to the sea, for permanent stay (i.e. the retirees) or for vacation. This fact, of course, is expected to push property prices upwards. So it would be a good idea to look carefully, at the existing offers for villas and generally on real estate.