St. George’s Castle

The area of St George’s Castle, is located 5 km from Argostoli and its few beautiful houses are built on a green hilltop 300 meters above the village Peratata.

The view from the castle is amazing since the visitor can admire from there, a large part of the island, the region of Livathos and the blue of the Ionian Sea.Tourist accommodations are limited (i.e just a few villas that are for rent), the visitor though will find a restaurant and a cafeteria with spectacular views.

The area took its name from the Venetian Castle of St. George built in the 12th century AD and was until 1757 the capital of the island. It has an area of 16 acres and the walls have a perimeter of 600 meters. After the successive earthquakes that hit Kefalonia in the past, today we can only see the outer walls built by the Venetians in 1504, churches and small buildings, ruins of a bridge that connected the ramparts and the suburb of Castle.

The Church of Evaggelistria stands out in its Ionian Baroque style; the church contains important post-Byzantine icons from the churches of the St George’s Castle.