Lixouri is located on the peninsula of Paliki and it is built on the beach opposite Argostoli which is 34 km away. Commuting to Argostoli is by ferry or by road. It is the second largest city of Kefalonia with 3,750 residents.

Lixouri which used to be called “little Paris” because of its beauty, has a lot of tourist accommodations such as big hotels, rental villas and apartments. There are also many restaurants and taverns for one to enjoy the local specialties and bars for night entertainment..

Some of the best and most beautiful beaches of Lixouri are Petani, Xi with the red sand, Lepeda, Platia Ammos, Megas Lakos and others.

The central city square, offers visitors the opportunity to have a cup of coffee, or a drink at one of the cafes, or in one of the many bars that are in the seaside. A walk through the city streets is essential for those who want to admire the Iakovatios Library, built in 1866, a pre-earthquake historic building A Primary School, the Valianos Technical Vocational School which has its roots in the 19th century and the visitor may have the opportunity to hear one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in Greece, namely the Philharmonic School of Palli.

The visitor who will arrive by car in Lixouri, will admire one of the most important wetlands of Kefalonia, which extends over an area of ​​150 acres and is home to many species of birds.

In the region of Paliki there are two Byzantine monasteries, the abbey of Koronatou and the Kipouraion monastery, where very rare religious monuments are kept.