Pessada is a small village, 12 km southeast of Argostoli with about 235 residents.

Apart from the beautiful village houses, the Church of St. Paul and the Church of the Annunciation stand out.  At the end of the village there is the small port of Pessada connecting Kefalonia to the island of Zakynthos. There, in the beautiful and tidy canteen, visitors can rest, have a lovely meal and enjoy the magnificent sea view.

Nearby, is a very beautiful little beach, but it is not organized. This may be considered an advantage, because it gives the tourist peace and quiet. To approach, the visitor should leave the car in a parking area, climb down the stairs and walk on the path leading to the beach. The beauty of the landscape will surely overcompensate for the few minutes’ walk.

In the village there is also a sophisticated outdoor wine bar, where someone can enjoy a glass of wine in a serene and peaceful environment.