Property Management in Kefalonia

Property Management, as used in general terms, is the operation, control and supervision of a property (ε.g, equipment, tools and material assets). We, at ENOS PROPERTIES, undertake the responsibility to visit your property, at mutually agreed time intervals,  in order to provide you with the following Services:

Services offered in Property Management 



  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Maintenance of the mechanical plant (e.g. heater and any other “supporting” mechanical installation of the  residence)
  • Coatings and Color Maintenance


  • Mowing the lawn, sprinkler control, pruning, fertilizing, planting and taking care of the trees


  • Maintenance of the engineering plant
  • Maintenance of the electrical installation
  • Checking the pH of the water of the pool
  • Cleaning of  filters
  • Cleaning of the Pool