The Petalas island is for Sale

Property ID: EP2304
Land Area: 5400000 Sq. M

The island of Petalas is for Sale.

Petalas, is the largest island of the Echinades island complex and the largest privately owned island of Greece (located opposite the island of Ithaca and near Astakos). The total area of ​​the island is 5,400,000 square meters (about 1,350 acres) out of which the 5,100,000 square meters have been declassified by the Greek Forestry Bureau. The island, the highest point of which is 251 meters, has tree vegetation in contrast to most of the Echinades Island complex, which are mainly covered with shrubs.

On the island there are 4,000 olive trees and many bays and beaches, two of which are sandy. Petalas, although located a short distance from the west coast of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, belongs politically to the Prefecture of Kefalonia and specifically to the Municipality of Kefalonia. The island is ideal for tourist development (e.g. for the creation of a 5 star hotel resort, for the construction of luxury villas etc).

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About the Petalas island of Kefalonia (Id: EP2304)

  • Place description: Natural harbor
  • Island’s total Area: 5,400,000 square meters (about 1,350 acres)
  • Island’s highest point: 251 meters
  • Google Earth Coordinates: 38°24’44.36″, 21° 5’35.59″
  • Distance from Athens: 280 km
  • Distance from Patras: 60 km
  • Distance from Astakos Port: 2 km
  • Distance from Mainland Greece: 500 meters

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