Home development in Kefalonia

Our Real Estate agency in Kefalonia, ENOS PROPERTIES Real Estate & Home Development, provides high quality services in Real Estate, in Construction & Renovation of Properties throughout Kefalonia or, as is often spelled, Cephalonia.

If you are in the process of looking for land and building a residence, with the desired floors, either as an investment or as your home, our office can provide you with a variety of attractive alternatives in Kefalonia (or Cephalonia) at affordable prices, but without the, sometimes, usual complications of having to build it yourself.


  • Propose affordable plots of land, at quite locations, with sea view, close to the beach or even in μountainous Areas
  • Our office, with our real estate agents/brokers, will conduct the necessary studies and will give you our technical and financial proposal
  • Issue the building permits
  • Conduct all the relevant studies (e.g. architectural, static, electromechanical, financial etc) and finally
  • Construct the property of your choice with turnkey – Home Development

Our company undertakes full responsibility for the construction, supervision, and delivery of homes and buildings “with the turnkey” in Kefalonia.  At ENOS PROPERTIES we, along with our team of experienced associates, will transform your housing particular needs and specifications into the dream home you hoped for!

The home of your choice, can be inside or outside the village in an area or safety place of your choice, with a garden surrounded by trees and plants.

Our company, having more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the construction field, has the appropriate infrastructure, equipment, experienced associates and partners, and especially the expertise to support customers seeking a robust construction that will completely cover your housing needs.

As soon as we finalize the design, we will hand you a detailed contract with all the relevant information, where the deliverables are clearly set, along with the relevant payment terms and conditions. Together we will select all the materials with which your property will be built and all the phases of construction will be completed, always in cooperation with us.  Also, there will be continuous supervision of the project on a daily basis by an experienced developer and civil engineer of our company. Finally, our experienced crews will undertake the construction of your property in accordance with the strict material specifications and the relevant applicable regulations.

It will then take 9-12 months, to deliver you your dream home; during this period you will be regularly updated with detailed photos regarding the building progress at every stage along with the relevant info. This provision of reliable services and the continuous monitoring of the project, according to the mutually agreed timetable and adherence to the original budget, is translated in savings in terms of time and money, and provides the necessary guarantees for the final win-win outcome.

The strength of our company lies on:

  • Our many years of experience in Constructions,
  • Our professional competencies
  • Our credibility
  • The knowledge of the particularities of Kefalonia,
  • The highly skilled associates and partners that ensure the coordination, the monitoring, the execution and the finalization of the works.
  • The respect and the genuine concern for our customers

We, at ENOS PROPERTIES, build houses, apartment complexes, villas, homes and commercial buildings that are distinguished by high standards and elegance, always delivering to the customer within the agreed time frame and budget.