Agonas is one of the beautiful green mountain villages of Kefalonia, which belongs to the municipal unity of Argostoli. The village, which is about 20 kilometers from Argostoli, is situated on the border of Argostoli with the municipality of Paliki. The odd name “Agonas”, which in Greek means elbow, probably came out because the village on the map looks like a bent human elbow

Agonas is a very picturesque green village with lush vegetation, towering trees, beautiful houses, well-kept gardens and whitewashed courtyards.

Stopping at the edge of the village, you will admire the magnificent view of the sea, and you will be enchanted by the wonderful combination of the Ionian blue with the verdant mountains. Close to the village are Zola, which is a fishing village with picturesque harbor and wild beauty. In Zola the visitor will find many tourist accommodation for his stay, as well as restaurants and cafes for his entertainment. Zola also belongs to the municipal unity of Argostoli.