The scenic Fiskardo is located 50 km north of Argostoli, it has 205 residents and is located directly above the sea.

It is perhaps the only place in Kefalonia that was not destroyed by the disastrous 1953 earthquake, so it is classified as a preserved settlement. The beautiful two-storey Venetian mansions painted in bright colours, with the red roofs and the small balconies combined with the green hills and the blue sea, create a dramatic landscape of incomparable beauty.

It is considered perhaps the most cosmopolitan part of the island with many famous visitors each year; this is also because of the existence of the organised small port for luxury yachts and boats for rent.

Visitors can enjoy a walk in the small alleys of the village, stop for food at well-known restaurants and relax drinking coffee in cafes located by the sea.

In the area there are many tourist accommodations from luxury hotels and villas, to rent rooms.

Very close to the village are the beaches of St. Jerusalem, Emplysi and Foki, while going to Assos the visitor will come across to the famous beach of Myrtos.