Kalligata is a small village in the southern part of Kefalonia, 10 km. away from Argostoli and almost 3 km from the airport and it borders to the village of Svoronata.

It has small neat houses with large gardens full of flowers. In the village is a church of the 18th century dedicated to the Virgin Mary with its imposing belfry. Some years ago, the family winemaking factory Calligas, with the well-known Robola wines was operating. The area is surrounded by dense vegetation, olive groves and orchards.

In the village there are some villas for rent, but generally there is only a limited number of accommodations.

Located 5 minutes from the village, the visitor encounters the organized sandy beach Avithos. On the beach, there is a canteen, showers, deck chairs and umbrellas where the visitor will swim in the crystal clear waters of the area. There are also two tavernas  where you can enjoy the food, after a long swim.