The village of  Mantzavinata, is located at the southern end of the region of Paliki, and has about 220 residents. It borders with the village Vouni and Soullari. Its name is of Italian origin from the words mangiare that means food and vino meaning wine, since the main occupation of the area, during the Venetian period, was the production of raisins and wine.

Very close to Mantzavinata will meet the well known beach Xi with its red fine sand. There the visitor can enjoy swimming and later coffee or eating in cafes and restaurants located right on the beach.

A little further south is Kounopetra forming a geological phenomenon, since we are talking about a rock lying in the sea and for hundreds of years it was moving constantly. After the great earthquake of 1953 this movement was imperceptible but nevertheless it is still admired by the guests.

Xi and the nearby Vatsa with its very special beach and also in Kounopetra, the visitor will find various accommodations from villas overlooking the sea and Hotels to rental rooms.