The picturesque village Spartia is located in southern Kefalonia in the Livathos region and the name comes from the many crops in that area.

It is a very beautiful village with charming houses and gardens full of flowers. The narrow streets, which  remind maze, lead to the beach.

In the village there are rental villas and apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and  many other amenities. Also, just 9 km away is Argostoli, the capital city of Kefalonia, where visitors will find all the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes etc.

In a short distance you will find the sandy beach Klimatsias with cliffs that surround it. The tourist can relax and enjoy the sun and the crystal clear shallow water, or make dives in its rocky part. Next to the beach is a harbor for small boats.

Spartia is a village about 1,000 years and because of the pirate attacks its houses had high fences and small windows. In 1953 with the catastrophic earthquake the village was destroyed and all that was left is the steeple of St. George which was built in the 15th century.