Troιanata is a beautiful village of Kefalonia, with about 100 permanent residents, located about 6 kilometers southeast of Argostoli.

Troιanata is a green village, amphi-theatrically built, with white houses built inside the deep green of the area. Troιanata is the par excellence village, where the rare variety of the Robola vineyard  is cultivated, from which comes the homonym delicious and very distinctive aromatic wine.

In Troιanata, in the church of Agia Paraskevi, the homonym feast is held every year in August. There, after the end of the liturgy, begins the feast that lasts until the morning. The feast begins with traditional Kefalonian music, the wine flows abundantly from the old oak barrels of the area and the food follow one another. The visitor should not forget to take with him the traditional “dikonaria”, that is the whole-wheat bread rolls, which are poured with water so that they will become “riganada” (i.e another local delicacy).

In Troιanata, there is the Traditional Cafe-Grocery, “The Old Age”, which is a meeting place for the residents and visitors of the area. The café is a warm place where everything reminds the “good old times”. In the café, there is also a balcony with a wonderful view of the plain of Troιanata, the Ionian Sea as well as the Vardianoi island.