Valsamata is a village of Kefalonia situated at 400 meters above sea level at the foot of Enos, the largest mountain on the island. In 1981 it was merged with the nearby village of Valsamata and now is the largest village in the region with 763 residents. The village offers its visitors a great view of the big mountain and the opportunity for long walks in the 40 Venetian wells region.

A short distance from the village is the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, the Saint of the island. On October 20 and on August 16, there is a celebration of Saint Gerasimos and the Holy Monastery is flooded with visitors who want to worship the relics of the saint, located in the monastery, and watch the procession to the sacred sycamore which he had planted.

The villagers are mainly engaged in farming and agriculture and the production of the grape “Robola”. That’s why in Valsamata there is the “Robola” Cooperative which produces and exports the famous Kefalonian wine. In August, in the village square, the “Robola” celebration  with dance, music, food and wine and with the participation of traditional dance groups.