Constructions, Renovations in Kefalonia

Our company ENOS PROPERTIES, is based in Argostoli, on the island of Kefalonia, in Greece. We offer complete investment solutions; finding the suitable plot for our customers, conducting the land proposal, the feasibility and architectural design of building projects, and the issuance of building permits, through our network of experienced associates and partners (i.e civil engineers, architects etc), as well as the construction of the property of your choice.

Our construction company, having years of experience, undertakes full responsibility for the construction, supervision, and delivery of buildings “with the turnkey”. The strength of our company is the extensive accumulated experience, the knowledge of local particularities, as well as our competent and experienced staff and long term associates, that take care of the coordination of the daily tasks, the monitoring, the execution and the final completion of the works. The experience in the construction field, our professional competencies & skilled associates, our credibility as well as the respect and the genuine concern for our customers, are the guarantees we provide for the final win-win outcome.

We build houses, apartment complexes and commercial buildings that are distinguished by high standards and elegance. Our projects are always delivered to our customers, within the agreed time frame and budget.

In case of old properties/estates, we undertake the full and responsible renovation. Our renovations are done in such a way, that they do not create the minimum inconvenience to the owners and they are rapidly deployed, according to the original and mutually agreed plan.

About our Construction and Renovation Services

We assume full responsibility for the construction, namely the supervision and delivery of buildings  “with the turnkey”, the complete renovation, as well as the management and regular maintenance of properties.

We offer Services, regarding Construction and Renovation, for:

  • Residential properties
  • Houses
  • Villas
  • Housing Estates
  • Commercial buildings
  • Building Complexes
  • Complete Renovations
  • After Sales Services

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